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About Shots Fired
About us:
Shots Fired was formed in September 2013 by a tight-knit group of friends. We are a progression raiding guild, but we do our best to maintain a casual atmosphere. You won’t hear anyone screaming about a wipe, or berating another player for making a mistake. Our members understand that wipes happen in progression raiding, We pick ourselves up, figure out what went wrong, and pull again until the bosses die.

Our focus during MoP was 10-man raiding, and we successfully completed SoO in time to snag the “Ahead of the Curve” achievement, as well as a few heroic boss kills. We do not concern ourselves with server firsts, but we do try to progress through content at a reasonable pace.
Moving into WoD, we would like to expand that focus to 25-man heroic raiding, and Mythic raiding in the future. We also maintain an active Rated Battlegrounds team, and participate in Arenas.

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